AAP-CEAIE Programme

With the China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE), the Department of Architecture organises intensive short courses for students and professors of Chinese universities, with the aim of offering an overview of knowledge in the architectural, urban planning and integrated design fields, with the experience of the Italian culture, through a period of study at the University of Florence.

The training offered is structured on the basis of a cooperation agreement which involves DIDA and the Arts Abroad Project (AAP) Office of CEAIE for the years 2019-2024. In particular, DIDA provides educational and logistical activities for the AAP programme, in addition to support with visa procedures and assistance with the process of inviting the participants selected by the AAP Office of CEAIE.

The project is part of a broader educational programme which also sees the participation of the Academy of Fine Arts and Polimoda in Florence.

Short Courses: Spring Semester/Autumn Semester

The short courses have a duration of around 4 months, and are held in the spring semester (March-June) or autumn semester (October-January), and include educational packages of 12/24 hours with theoretical and practical activities run by professors of the University of Florence in collaboration with Florentine and Italian institutions, cultural organisations in the region and private companies. Plenty of time is dedicated to study visits and visits to monumental complexes and museums, as well as lectures on the various subjects and educational workshops.

Courses offered in the classroom are held at the University of Florence sites, mainly of the Department of Architecture and the Department of History, Archaeology, Geography, Art and Entertainment

The official languages of the AAP short courses are Italian/English/Chinese. The programme for students favours use of the English language, while the programme for professors involves the use of translators (Italian/Chinese) to ensure better comprehension and expression as the participants are able to use their native language. There are also specific courses for students focusing on the basic learning of the Italian language.

After attending the courses, both students and professors will receive a certificate issued by the Department of Architecture at the end of the semester.


Next activation of AAP Programme: March 2021.


Contact details of the scientific coordinator of the courses, Prof. Gianluca Belli:

Contact details of the organisational coordinator of the courses, Ms Qiong Wang:


Educational Sites University of Florence

Programme in progress: AAP fall semester 2019

The Teaching activities AAP Fall 2019 programme is divided into two parts, aimed respectively at the students and professors involved in the project.



The student programme consists of a series of lessons on the history of modern art and the Renaissance (36 hours), design and planning lessons and workshops (16/24 hours) and basic Italian lessons (24 hours).

Student Programme >


The professors’ programme consists of a series of lectures (15 hours), visits and study visits (50 hours), mentoring with Italian professors (20 hours) and mediation and understanding of the Italian/Chinese culture by Chinese mother-tongue professors (15 hours).

Faculty Visiting Programme >

Syllabus of active and activatable courses

Active Courses >

Activatable Courses >


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