How to get around Florence

The centre of Florence, namely the area within the ring road and the immediate vicinity, is easily accessible on foot thanks to the short and easily reachable distances: most of the University of Florence sites are concentrated in this area.

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Public transport: bus and tram

Public transport, bus service and tram, can be used to reach the sites further out; tickets can be bought at newsagents and tobacconists, automatic machines, or directly from the bus driver (paying a surcharge and cash only), or even by mobile phone. You can also buy a monthly or annual pass which provides unlimited travel on all urban routes.

BUS, ATAF: Website

TRAM, GEST: Website


Taxis in Florence are white and have a highly recognisable taxi sign on top of the vehicle: they can be found at dedicated taxi ranks marked by a yellow sign and, more rarely, they can be stopped on the street if their light is green. In any case, it is advisable to call one of the following numbers to book a taxi: 055 4242 / 055 4390

So.Co.Ta.: Website Website

Bike and Car Sharing

The Municipality of Florence actively promotes sustainable mobility: as a result, there are numerous bike and car sharing services, and bike and car rentals for short periods with free final parking in the operating areas. There is also a plan to set up an electric scooter sharing service in the near future.

Bike Sharing:

MOBIKE: Website

Car sharing:

ENJOY: Website

SHARE’N GO: Website


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