Insurance, Healthcare and Documentation

Accident insurance

Participants on the short courses are covered by insurance against accidents that occur during the performance of the teaching activities: in fact, a specific accident insurance policy is activated when enrolling on courses. The insurance is valid for accidents suffered by students during the performance of the educational activities.

For more information, consult the “Voluntary adhesion accident policy” at this link:

Healthcare for foreign students away from home

Participants on the short courses may – for the duration of the course of studies – voluntarily register with the Italian National Health Service (SSN). They may also take out private insurance valid in Italy.

Voluntary registration with the SSN entitles you to register with the regional health service, choose a doctor and receive all the services just like an Italian citizen, upon payment of an insurance fee.

For more information on the healthcare service:

Documents necessary for study and research trips

At the time of enrolment, participants of the short courses must submit the documentation specified in the agreement between the University of Florence and the institution they belong to in order to obtain a letter of presentation that will allow them to complete any bureaucratic procedures (such as requesting a residence permit for study reasons and/or other related documentation).

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